Miura M10 Card Reader

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Mobile, Bluetooth Card Reader

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Be mobile, be counter-top and be in-store. It’s not as impossible as it sounds.

Miura’s M010 platform solution evolves the retail experience so interaction with customers is possible wherever they go and however they pay, supporting both contact and contactless transactions.

The M010 platform connects to a tablet cash register and to all existing POS systems. It then unclips to work without cabling. It will queue-bust or serve in-store, right beside the customer to prevent lost sales.

And the usual boundaries do not apply. Take the M010 device out of the store, to pop-up locations, seasonal exterior POS events and more. This is true Chip and Pin integration, across any retail environment.

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Card Readers:

EMV, Magstrip (swipe), Contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Card Acceptance:

Credit, Debit


4.16 oz


H 103 mm x W 71 mm x D 18 mm


OLED technology graphical display with 128 x 64 pixels, viewing area 35mm x 20mm. Provides brilliant bright text with ultra-wide reading angle in low ambient light


PCI PTS V3.0 Certified including Open Protocols and SRED UKCC
MasterCard TQM
EMV Level I & Level II Certified (Level II off-line / on-line PIN support)




Apple Pay, Without Decals

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